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At EUII, we understand that choosing a bachelor program that fulfills your professional objectives. EUII's dedicated admissions team is available to help students with any queries or questions they might have.



  1. Complete your application and get your documents ready

  2. Write or film your accompanying motivational essay

  3. Application reviewed by the Admissions Department.

  4. EUII faculty shortlist candidates for interviews for specific countries or groups of countries. Candidates who are not shortlisted are also informed by e-mail.

  5. Candidates are informed of the admission results by e-mail. Reserve candidates may be contacted during this period if selected candidates withdraw.

  6. Your studies at EUII starts.


Bachelor’s degree programs at EUII have four start dates per year, these dates are the same for every campus. Semesters begin in October, February, June and August every year. Please consult the academic calendar for detailed information.


If you already have university credits from another institution, you may be able to transfer some of the credits toward a bachelor’s degree program at EU Business School. These credits may allow you to begin your studies at EU at a more advanced stage within the program.

To apply for credit transfer, you will need to provide detailed course descriptions (in English) of any business-related courses you have previously completed. These should be sent with your application form and transcripts.

The following general rules apply to credit transfers at EU:

  • Only credits necessary for the completion of a bachelor’s degree at EU will be transferred. EU does not accept transfer credits toward its Master or MBA programs.

  • Only credits from courses passed with a minimum grade of C (2.0) will be transferred.

  • Only credits from courses completed within 10 years prior to the date of entry to EU will be transferred.

Credit transfers are considered on an individual basis. For further information on credit transfers please do not hesitate to contact the admissions department.